Intuitive Energy Healing sessions are 30 min or 60 min sessions in which I connect to the energy of the present moment and guide you to an understanding of anything that might be holding you back from a holistic understanding of your life, both from a body and mind perspective.

Giving you

the space

In this session I will connect to the energy in the present moment and guide you to understanding of your talents, core beliefs, attitudes, roles play and anything that might be holding you back on your spiritual understanding about yourself. Giving you the space and time to look within and find the answers that are always there within you. Offering feedback and awareness of techniques that can guide you to the next step of your unique journey. You do the work! And, I offer the mirror and space to help it be uncovered. These sessions are offered in conjunction with the Yoga sessions listed above as with fine tuning the physical and energetic bodies is critical to help ensure positive lasting change.

Why energy healing?

→ Be unique, follow your inner voice
→ Find strength in your inner voice
→ Everything you need is within

You're in

good hands

No prior experience is required, only an open mindset and curiosity to learn about yourself.

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