kriya yoga

Himalayan Kriya Yoga is a 60 min workout that uses kriyas (purified actions) including deep breathing, tapping the body, stretching, and sounds to purify, assist with reducing stress, stretch, and align your body for better balance of body and mind.


your innerself

Himalayan Kriya Yoga is an authentic and extremely effective yoga practice that may help an individual purify one’s mind and body from things such as fatigue, stress, emotional ups and downs, breaking negative patterns that may hold one back from their true potential, and physical discomfort. Himalayan Kriya Yoga is ancient technique learned, practiced and mastered by few. I have been taught by my teacher, Dr Pradeep Ullal, Spiritual Head and Founder of Kevala Foundation, for the last 8 years and I have delved deeper and deeper into this practice with daily self-practice, continuous learning with one on one and group courses, satsangs, and spiritual journeys. Consistently working with purifying my thoughts and actions to create a more positive life within simultaneously I am extremely happy to continue to share this yoga practice with those that are willing to make a radical positive change in their lives.

Why himalayan kriya yoga?

→ Self love and honor oneself
→ Creativity
→ Awakening your inner potential
→ Healing and health
→ Self confidence and trust
→ Alignment and balance
→ Fine tuning of positive thoughts
→ Gratitude and happiness
→ Possibility of inner change

You're in

good hands

This class is open to beginners and experienced yoga students. This is your chance to take time for YOU!

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