yoga flow

Hatha Yoga Flow is a 60 min workout that utilizes hatha principles of asana postures, standing and sitting stretches combined with deep breathing allowing the Sun and Moon channels of your body to come into a balanced alignment while stretching and toning the body.

Calm and

peaceful awareness

In this class I utilize Hatha yoga principles, a variety of kriyas (purification actions), breathing techniques (pranayamas), stretching and strengthening exercises to open, attune, and align the physical and energetic channels of the body. A fun and focused class to bring you back to the present moment with the goal of full body relaxation, strengthening, and balance. Using various techniques to move the body, such as sun salutations, forward and backward bending of the spine, twists, and hip openers. Combined with focused breathing, tapping to open and balance the energy channels of the various systems in the body, and ending in a brief meditation/ relaxation experience.

Why hatha yoga?

→ Calm and peaceful awareness
→ Balanced physical and emotional state
→ Reduce anxiety
→ Strengthening of your core muscles
→ Grounded sense of your body
→ Improved flexibility and mobility

You're in

good hands

This class is open to beginners and experienced yoga students. This is your chance to take time for YOU!

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